Cloud Yellow

borax foam instant snow shaving gel white glue

Learn how to make Cloud yellow Slime -  with Mixing Yucky science white glue, borax solution and yucky science fluffy snow powder. 


Slime Playing Video 



 Slime Making Supplies List  :

cloud yellow

Gather the ingredients for the Fluffy Rainbow Bubblegum slime

  1. Yucky science White Glue
  2. Borax solution
  3. Shaving gel
  4. Yellow color dye
  5. Yucky science Fluffy snow powder
  6. Spatula
  7. Bowl

Steps for Instructions : 

  1. Add 20 ml Yucky science White Glue into the bowl.
  2. Add few drops of shaving gel to the glue solution to make it fluffy.
  3. Mix the contents thoroughly.
  4. Add few drops of yellow color dye to the glue to give it pineapple color
  5. Mix the contents thoroughly to get a desired yellow colored glue solution.
  6. Add few drops of borax solution to the glue solution.
  7. Mix the contents with spatula thoroughly for at least 45 secs – Slime will start forming.
  8. You can add more borax solution and knead the slime with your hands like dough to make slime less sticky and to your liking.
  9. Now take a small bowl and pour Yucky Science Fluffy Snow powder (approx. 2 teaspoon).
  10. Add a glass of water (100 ml) to the fluffy snow powder. The snow will absorb the water and starts to grow.
  11. Pour the fluffy snow to the slime made at step 8
  12. Knead and stretch the slime with the fluffy snow thoroughly.

  13. Pack your Cloud Yellow slime in a container.
  14. Stretch and play with the slime
                      cloud yellow step 1 cloud yellow step 2

                      STEP 1

                      STEP 2

                      cloud yellow step 3 cloud yellow step 4

                      STEP 3

                      STEP 4

                      cloud yellow step 5 cloud yellow step 6

                      STEP 5

                      STEP 6

                      cloud yellow step 7 cloud yellow step 8

                      STEP 7

                      STEP 8

                      cloud yellow step 9 cloud yellow step 10
                      STEP 9 STEP 10
                      cloud yellow step 11 cloud yellow step 12
                      STEP 11 STEP 12
                      cloud yellow step 13 cloud yellow step 14
                      STEP 13 STEP 14


                         Slime Making Video


                        REMEMBER  :

                        • If your slime is very sticky, you can add few more drops of borax and knead it to make the slime to your liking.
                        • Keep your Slime at rest for 30 Minutes after making for better bonding.
                        • Pack your Slime in Sealed Container After Play
                        • Don't Eat your Slime or any other Experiment.

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